Zion Century – Party Hard ( Prod. By. Teezy Beat)

Zion Century - Party Hard ( Prod. By. Teezy Beat)

Zion Century – Party Hard ( Prod. By. Teezy Beat)

Zion Century – Party Hard ( Prod. By. Teezy Beat)


Focus and sacrifice learnt from my mother influenced my music career positively
-Zion Century

People will like to know you, kindly introduce yourself:
My names are Kolawole Ojeleke Olayinka, popularly known as Zion Century.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Lagos state in a small town called, Makoko in Ebute Metta

What pleasant experiences do you recollect about your childhood in Makoko?
Growing up in Makoko was tough, but as a child, I enjoyed things I saw around me. There was a large body of water behind our house where we normally went fishing.

Is there any special attraction about Makoko community that you relished?

Yes, Makoko is a community built on water with attraction of being a fishing community where men are responsible for catching fish, whilst women are responsible for smoking and selling fish which I experienced as a child, and such persists there till present day, the people inhabiting Makoko are mainly from the Ijaw, Ilaje, Egun and Yoruba ethnic groups giving Makoko a colourful rainbow of ethnicities co-habiting peacefully and purposefully .

Tell us about your family and growing up years
I come from a family where I have six siblings, and I happen to be the first child. My mother is the person I have been looking up to from childhood because she’s a housewife and takes care of everyone. Some of my siblings are married, and my mother still takes care of their children like the mother hawk that guides over her priceless descendants.She’s a superwoman because she sacrificed everything for us so we can be as comfortable as possible.

What lessons and values did your family inculcate in you and how have they shaped you?
As my mom would always say, “remember the child of whom you are”. This has kept me focused and well-behaved, as such I have been able to avoid distractions. Focus and sacrifice are priceless values I got from my family.

At what point did you discover your interest in and passion for music?
Music has always been part of my life. My mother used to be a chorister in the church while my dad was an instrumentalist in the same church, so I grew up listening to and getting used to music.

After discovering your passion for music, what steps did you take to actualise it?
I became a chorister in my church, and at a point I decided to join a musical group called, Boys In Christ (B.I.C) and we would go from church to church to perform, sometimes we got paid for it, sometimes they gave us foods for our beautiful performances and we participated in various events as a group.

That is interesting, it means you became productive from a tender age. If you are to describe yourself as a total music package, how will you do it?

I will not describe myself as a musician but rather as a musicologist, before I delved into music, I attended a music school in South Africa, where I was honoured with a certificate in musicology, which qualified me as a musicologist.

That’s nice, so how was it like with you in South Africa?
I used to own a studio in Cape Town South Africa ,where I produced and mastered many songs for well-known and upcoming artistes. When I got back to Nigeria in 2012, I registered my company being Zion Century Records Limited and I started as artiste manager and showbiz organizer.

My skills as a musicologist adds value to my music to make me outstanding -Zion Century
How has your journey into the world of music been?
You know, it’s kind of tough and fun at the same time when you’re moving fast and growing big in life. For someone like me who started as an artiste manager, some of my new friends and people who have no idea what my story is like, are finding it hard to understand how I became a singer.

As a musician, what are those qualities that make you stand out in your industry?
Like I used to tell people not to call me a musician because I am a musicologist and I can play some instruments, I can also produce music works and manage artistes.

Wow!!That’s great,that makes you a bundle of attraction.In your genre, what are those qualities that make you the one to watch out for?
My skills as a musicologist adds value to my music to make me outstanding,with young ones learning from my sound.

Collaboration has become a big deal in the music industry, so who are the musicians you have collaborated with?
I have worked with many artistes, the likes of Zlanta Ibile, Dremo, Ichaba, Wale Turner and many more, but my experience with Ichaba was great as a co-producer of the song, titled Overload.

What are the music tracks you have released so far?
I have recorded many songs but my official first single was Overload ft Jaykey& Ichaba

Come to think of it, how did you come about the name Zion Century?
The name Zion Century was given to me by my South African friends. Way back in Western Cape, I used to host many homeless people in my house, every weekend, I would give them food and clothes. So there was this particular old guy who always kept saying a prayer for me…
‘the young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing’, and with Zion being a garden blessed by God, that was how everyone started calling me Zion Century and I did more research about the name, after I found out that it was a beautiful name, I chose the name.

What has been the response of music fans and enthusiasts to your music so far?
You know it feels good when you see people singing your songs, word for word. It brings joy to my heart when people call me from Europe, US, Asia to tell me they love my song. I try to awaken people with my sound. My music is unique in the sense that it is melodious and educative. Like, you’re enjoying the music, and at the same time, you’re learning. It’s not just vibes.

“One should live a life while one is still alive”-Zion Century

In this concluding part of his interview, Zion Century sheds more light on his carer aspirations

How does recording studio album differentiate from live music performance?

Live music performance is challenging and you should always look to develop this aspect of your music career. A live show is an immediate experience: you get one chance to get on stage and do your thing. However, when it boils down to recording music in the studio, artistes and bands need to adopt an approach distinct from that adopted on-stage.

Which one thrills you most and why?

As an entertainer, you must always be ready when the call comes in. You may have adapted to the pressures of performing on stage. You might be able to power through a set list without even flinching, just trusting your abilities to guide you through the whole performance. As for me I love to entertain people so, it’s live music performance for me anyway, any time.

What are those challenges affecting the music industry in Nigeria?
Poor infrastructure such as epileptic power supply and unfavorable economy, lack of sponsorship can also pose significant challenges in music production as it increase time and costs to create content. Promotion duties often land in the laps of artistes, and many of them barely have the resources to shoulder the expenses, especially underground. Another main challenge is weak distribution channels and poor regulation that leaves the music industry vulnerable to piracy.

Assuming you are not a musician, what other career would you prefer?
If I am not singing, I would still be in artiste’s management and showbiz organisation.

Where do you see your music career in the next five years?
In the next five years, I intend to have built a successful career and established a personal brand in the music industry by honing my musicology abilities to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other players in the industry.

How do you intend to go about that?
For these to materialize, sometimes, I need to stay away from the studio, keyboard or microphone, and take advantage of face-to-face interactions with peers, colleagues, and established professionals.

Can you shed more light on that please?
I need to attend industry conferences, trade shows, and festivals that provide perfect settings for fun and organic interactions. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have made networking easier and available for me to leverage on. I just have to be thoughtfully persistent in building and sustaining new connections, whether in person or digitally and to keep track of who I meet and why we both might benefit from staying in touch.

Tell us your hobbies, pastimes and how you spend your free time
If I’m not in the studio recording, I listen to music, I learn playing some new instruments like guitar, violin, talking drum, piano. I also do painting/ sketching, blogging photography, arts and crafts. Moreover, I love sports such as football, basketball, swimming, just as I love cooking/baking, home décor, reading, traveling and outdoor activities, social work and learning a new language.

What’s your favourite colour?
My favorite colours are black, white and brown.

Your ideal kind of meal is like what?
I love rice, beans, plantain with chicken, amala and ewedu with gbegiri,even french fries. So, anyone of them is ideal for me anyday.

What’s your philosophy of life?
My philosophy of life is that one should live a life while one is still alive. If you are waiting to have a lot of money to get started, you might end up doing nothing. So start with the little in your hand.

Tell us what your fans should be looking out for? I have a new song out on 7th of January 2022 titles Party Hard

It’s been wonderful getting you to talk about your career, thank you.
You are most welcome.

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